Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heathered Bella Mittens

After I made a pair of Bella mittens (as seen in the movie Twilight- but I just liked the pattern), my friend Heather saw them and immediately asked for a pair. It's been awhile since her request, and during my before-Christmas knitting frenzy I churned out a pair of them in a week for her Christmas present.
Specs: Pattern is Bella's Mittens, found on Marielle's blog. Knit with Cascade 220 in gray (I'd say more "heathered gray" for my friend Heather- aaaahaha).
Modifications- instead of knitting them in the bulky weight that they ask for, I use two strands of worsted weight in the Cascade. This results in a nice thick mitten that is very warm and on the most part wind-resistant. I use mine when bike commuting in the spring and fall, because they keep my hands warm from the chilly wind but let in enough air that I'm not sweltering.
Best part of the pattern: Can you guess? Definitely the cable pattern. I also like how fast they knit up once you get going on them.
Worst part: For some reason, the top closed weird on one of the mittens. I didn't even notice that it was weird until I was playing in the snow and noticed that it looked odder than it normally should. It's fine, but it bugs me that it's not perfectly what I want. Also, if these mittens were going to be made for someone with bigger hands, they might need to be stretched as they're snug when first knit. Mine broke in pretty fast though. :)
Heather really liked them, and because I knit them during my family's Christmas I already have another request from a small cousin for a pair. Easy to make for presents...
Hope everyone is having a fantastic Holiday break; I know I'm enjoying it! :)

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Samantha said...

LOVE! Those look awesome!