Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day and Treats

Things are going slow but steady in paper writing, which is good. I got a special surprise breakfast-coffee hijack this morning for a break and fancy coffee, which was really nice. I even deviated from my regular beverage and tried something new- Berry White Mocha. I might have to convert... mmmm...I had a last-minute visitor yesterday that worked on her things while I worked on mine- my old roommate Lust! She didn't come empty-handed, either!A lovely May Basket full of tasty goodies!! Made specially for me from Lust and my other friend Kimmy, it had a rice krispie base with gummie worms in the chocolate "dirt", topped with flower-shaped and decorated cookies! Makes the paper writing go much easier.
Happy (one day late) May Day everyone! I'm off to work hard again, see you hopefully on the flip side of at least one of these beasts of a paper...

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