Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unfinished Business

After starting the Vivian and not doing fantastic with it, I realized that part of the problem was that I had some other knitted goods that I wanted to be at a certain point with before starting another big project.
Therefore, this afternoon after running errands I sat down with season 4 of Gilmore Girls and finished the body of the Seneca sweater.It felt really good to get so far on a big project, and after working on half of my take-home final for Kid's Lit during dinner I plan on frogging what I have so far on the Vivian (don't worry- it'll be okay) and re-starting, probably to a movie I've seen a million times so I don't have to actually pay attention.
Oh, and since I finished the body halfway through an episode of Gilmore Girls, I had do something else...so I started a little Seneca sleeve love. :)

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