Saturday, May 22, 2010

High Infatuation

Spring is finally in full bloom, and we're getting a mixture of beautiful, sunny days and drizzly, rainy days made for getting things done. I've been working with a UMD theater professor to begin outlining the structure for two classes I'm TA-ing next semester, including ordering a giant book of plays to read through over the summer. A lot will be plays I've already read, but it's always good to refresh on the material.I'm also working my way through Steph Davis's book High Infatuation, and it's the perfect book for this time of my life. Steph is a professional woman climber, originally working towards being a concert pianist but getting sidetracked by climbing. She earned a masters in literature, but was disenchanted by the theory aspect that literature was taking. I relate to so many aspects of her life it's ridiculous, and I'm savoring this book for every page it has. She has the mental mindset of drive and passion and meticulous hard work that I want to strive for, and it's not only refreshing but what I need right now. I highly recommend this book for any climber, but the life lessons she relates are really open for anyone.
It's lit a fire under me to really up my training both for climbing and dance. I'm back to doing yoga in the mornings when I wake up, which really helps wake me up, and I'm scheduling climbing at least 3 days a week. I'm hoping to work on climbing the overhung hard route every time I close at work, helping my endurance. And I'm going to look into summer ballet classes, doing basic barre warmups at home until I find a time that works with my schedule. In order to succeed I have to start really driving myself in my physical activities, and the mental aspect will hopefully leak over into other things (like working on my Plan B papers over the summer).
I'm hanging out with Cheryl today for knitting, chat, breakfast, and good coffee at Burrito Union. If the weather holds we're going to venture into Chester Creek for photo ops of finished knitted projects. I work at VE the rest of tonight, which will hopefully give me a chance to finish my Seneca sleeve and hopefully start on the second one.
Stormy weekend planned. I'm feeling restless, which means hopefully I'll get a lot of stuff done. :)


Naia said...

I recently read Breaking Trail by Arlene Blum ( The book describes her climbing adventures as well as her struggles as an unwelcome woman climber and as a scientist.

I often do not like the masculine, arrogant, and selfish undertones in climbing memoirs. The undertones are not as pronounced in Breaking Trail. I also liked how the book was put together, it was enjoyable.

Katie said...

I'll have to give that one a shot. I agree with you- it's hard to find a really good climbing book. Thanks for the suggestion :)