Sunday, May 9, 2010


You never know what's going to happen in May in Duluth.Like a mini-snowstorm. Of course the weather goes crappy when I'm free from homework. :)Luckily I had plans with a lovely lady to do some knitting to unwind. We did full-blown yarn therapy. Part of that was showing me how to wind my own yarn on the ball winder at Yarn Harbor:Which was a lot of fun! As part of yarn therapy, I got to pick out the yarn for my Vivian sweater. Since I have a lot of dark grays and blues and blacks and purples, I decided to go with something that reminded me of spring and summer- something nice and bright.It's a bit brighter than what's shown in the picture, but it's a pretty blue, with hints of teal in it. It'll show off the cables beautifully. And what's that you see? could that possibly be... a swatch??Believe it or not, I actually swatched for this project (I know, I know... weird, huh?) Cheryl was there to help me out the whole time with the math part, and since the sweater is so form-fitting and I wanted it to fit right, it was kind of necessary.I also couldn't help getting a skein of some really fun jitterbug yarn as part of my yarn therapy. It was so bright and fun- white with splashes of random bright colors all over the place. I thought about making socks with it, but I kind of want something that's visible to show off the yarn. Something simple that won't take away from it. Any suggestions?
Just one more take home final to worry about this week, then done for the semester. It feels really good to get everything in, believe me. Give it another week and I'll probably feel phenomenal. :)
Oh, and I climbed last night for the first time since before papers were due. My fingers are out of shape, and I think I'll need to start training a little to get comfortable on a 5.11. Which shouldn't be a problem! :)
Off to work. Hopefully I can finish the body of the Seneca sweater today and get on to the arms. I love how fast this sweater is knitting up.
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, and have a great Sunday!

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red said...

New rule: you warn me before you photograph me. I always end up looking stupid on your blog.