Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old and New

While stacking up bags of clothes for goodwill during spring cleaning, my friend Victoria had the idea that instead of giving a whole bunch of clothes away right away, she would let her friends have a quick look-through before she donated. When she mentioned the idea to her friend Anna, Anna said that was great, and she even had a bunch of clothes that Victoria could look at. One thing led to another, and last night I attended my first-ever clothing swap with about 10 other ladies- old friends, and now new. Everyone brought bags of unwanted clothes to share for others to pick through, and all the clothes left at the end were thrown into giant bags for Victoria to bring down to Goodwill to donate.
I was able to give away three giant bags worth of clothes that I didn't wear, and at least two of those bags were passed around to ladies that fit them better and liked them as much as I had.I was very excited to be able to find a giant bag's worth of clothes for myself, ranging from dresses, skirts, tshirts, climbing pants, even a couple of pairs of shorts. Instead of shopping for spring and summer, I have a whole new wardrobe compliments of friends.
The plan worked so well that another get-together is in the back of our minds for a clothing swap in fall, to exchange cardigans, sweaters, and fleeces.
It's always nice when things like this just happen to work out. :)

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