Monday, April 12, 2010

Breathe, Rebuild, and Repeat

I took this weekend to breathe, sit back, and reevaluate things. I'm still stuck in what I'm doing next year for money, but after talking with some Non-English Professors, I've got a solid track for things next year to do what I want. I'll say more when the paperwork is stamped and approved. For now though, I'm just taking it one day at a time.
I got to do some home improvement stuff this weekend to keep my mind off of things.
Tyler is moving in to a new place, and there's a lot of fixing up that needs to be done before he can even think about moving stuff like furniture and gear. I helped him pick out paint and carpet samples before we ripped up the floorboards in his new room, scrubbed the under-part clean, and prepped and painted the walls a primer white. He's going to to paint the walls a nice darker-but-still-bright red (the color on the left- my suggestion!), and I've been excited to help, as it keeps my hands busy, and friends and support (and burritos) were exactly what I needed this weekend. There's still a lot to be done (the bathroom is pretty... um... gross) but it's looking better already, and more like a home than a shell.
When going through my Grandma's old sewing box, I ran across an amazing keepsake that I'm really excited for!She kept her buttons in an old snuffbox belong to her Grandpa, which is now passed down to me and I plan on using for my own buttons and other goods. It's seen better days, but it's still in great shape for how old it is, and knowing it's been in my family is really cool.
I also got a pair of ceramic holders that my Grandma made in one of her art classes.They're beautifully made and colored, and I'm excited to figure out a safe place to put them.
Today is reading, research, and some quality time with a lady to catch up and further help rebuild. And possibly a chance to finish the daisy hat for my cousin's kid. :)

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