Monday, April 26, 2010


The week away from technology was actually one of the most refreshing weeks I've had in a really long time. I moved my laptop and all my books for research and school out in to the living room, so I wouldn't even be tempted by my laptop being in my room to watch movies or dink around on the internet. I got a lot of reading done, for both class and for fun.
I went over to a co-worker's house to help make a cake- specifically, a "Kitty Litter Cake". It was a ton of fun and super simple. Two different cakes- one vanilla, one german chocolate- baked in the oven then put in a blender. A little of the vanilla was blended with green food dye to make some of the "kitty litter" look like the scented litter, and blended Oreos made some more texture. Vanilla pudding was used to make "clumps" of... well, you can guess. And we shaped a bunch of little poops out of warmed-up to squishing Tootsie Rolls! The finished product was mixed and placed in a (new) kitty litter box with a (new) Pooper Scooper, with the poops and the pudding artfully displayed. To add a little moisture, we put a layer of pudding on the bottom as well as a middle layer of pudding. Poops were dispersed throughout. It was very tasty, even though it looked super sketchy.
I also started a beautiful new sweater- the Seneca sweater created by brooklyntweed.It took a little help to get through the sideways cables, but once it got going it turned beautiful fast and I'm really excited to make something for myself. I'm using gift yarn from Euan- a merino/possum yarn that's stretchy and super soft. It been leaving possum fuzz all over me whenever I knit, but I've loving working with it so far. I got a lot of the body started during a one-day trip to the Twin Cities (4-5 hours round trip) for my CPR re-certification this last weekend, and hopefully a couple of days in class will help the sweater get nice and far.
These next two weeks are going to be long and hellish. I have two 20-page papers due next week- one on Tuesday, the other on Thursday, and I'm trying to go at a reasonable pace so I don't pull a week of all-nighters. This means lots of work this week, which is okay in my book. I have all weekend off too, which should help.
Lots of coffee. And stress knitting. And stress typing.
I wanted to go back to school... right?

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