Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Night with a Friend

The best remedy to any problem is a night hanging out with a good friend, drinking coffee, and knitting while watching a movie that you half watch out of the corner of your eye while the two of you talk and catch up on things.Add on to that delicious Snickerdoodle cookies, finishing the Daisy hat for my little cousin Lacey, and watching the steam lift off the mug of the coffee as you curl up with yarn and you've got one of my favorite ways to pass a chilly Duluth evening. It was a night that needed to happen, and I'm really happy it did.I get to send a hat onward to a little lady tomorrow, too.
The rest of this week looks a lot brighter.
I'll have to show off more kindness and support next post- it deserves its own explanation. :)

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