Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

Spring break has officially started, though not really for me. Every staff member at the climbing gym minus Nick and I went somewhere for spring break (namely, on awesome climbing trips). I'm pretty okay with this, mostly because of the magnanimous amount of homework that I have to do, and I had an amazing trip earlier in the winter. The only downside is that Nick and I have to run the gym between the two of us, so I've put in 3 14-hour days so far, with today being slightly lighter since I'm not opening at the bookstore and we're only open 7 hours at the gym.
I know I'm focusing on being happy for the little things when I got excited to sleep past 7 this morning, and have a cup of coffee while just looking out at Lake Superior this morning.
The knitting is going on slowly but surely, with the main addition being a hat I'm making for a Coast Guard buddy:He's heading up past the Arctic Circle this summer with the Coast Guard (though I'm not sure for how long) and he requested a hat for when he goes. When I told him that all he had to do was show me a picture of the hat he wanted, he spent 3 hours on 'Paint' on his old computer designing a hat with the Coast Guard stripes and "USCG" across the brim. Because of the angle of the stripes, I'm just embroidering everything on (which will take awhile), but because he was so excited and spent so much time designing I can't say no. Plus it's easy, mindless embroidery for the thirty seconds of downtime I have at the gym.
This is my last full hectic day of work, and the last day this week I'm going to allow myself to take a break from homework. Tomorrow morning I'll be sharing my coffee with Sara Crewe from A Little Princess.
Which, of course, I'm completely okay with. :)
Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone.

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