Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is Springing

I can't believe March is almost over already. That means I'll soon be halfway through my Master's, and picking out which part of the country I'll travel to for my PhD. Scary stuff, especially since I know I'll miss Duluth a lot.
This last week I had a lot of research to finish, so I didn't get around to a ton of climbing or arty stuff, but what did get done was important. I had one beautiful sunny afternoon that I got down on the floor to finish the Coast Guard hat, lining the inside to protect ears from cold arctic winds.I'm happy with the end result, and the recipient was very excited and grateful to receive it. It's pretty simply design- I just used the pattern for brooklyntweed's Turn a Square hat, with leftover Cascade 220 (and only one emergency trip to the yarn store), then embroidered the letters and stripes over the hat. It took a little longer to get all that embroidery done, but in the end I'm happy with the result.
I'm probably halfway through the Upside-Down Daisy hat for my cousin's little baby Lacey, and it's refreshing to work with such a bright color. I'm very much in need of spring if I'm to the point of appreciating this light-bright pink. Hopefully I'll have plenty of time to finish it before heading down to the cities next weekend for family Easter time.
On Friday night I had two pretty amazing people visit me on their way through Duluth to a show, and we had time to grab a quick dinner at Pizza Luce (artichoke dip- delicious!!) and catch up a little bit. Seeing them made me long for school to be over so I can take impromptu trips to the cities to hang out with friends without feeling guilty about the mountain of homework awaiting me back home.
A month and a half of class. That's it. Then I can relax a bit for the summer (sort of). I just have to restrain from day trips out to the cliffs when it's nice weather to make sure I pass my classes enough that when I do disappear to the wilderness for the summer, I have no qualms. Maybe I'll start that after tomorrow. Since it's supposed to be nice. And 50 degrees. And I haven't been outside climbing in way too long.
Boooo early spring. Bring on the rain so I don't feel guilty for being inside, please.

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