Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homework Outside

When coming out of Barnes and Noble yesterday around lunchtime, I almost didn't need a coat for walking outside. I tried to stay in my apartment because I had a fair amount of homework to get done, but the outside was beckoning too much.I answered the call by throwing my climbing stuff and my books into my bag, heading down to Canal Park, and finding the perfect spot right next to the lake to read. There was a bit of a breeze off the lake, but the sun was warm and was baking the rocks I was sitting comfortably on while pushing through The Catcher in the Rye, my children's lit reading. If I wasn't out climbing in the nice weather, this was a close second.I was even in cut-offs, flashing my Minnesota-white legs all over the place, taking my shoes off to enjoy the sun.
When it finally started to cool off, I had time not only to go to ballet but also to stop by the climbing gym a little bit, running into a lot of my friends while making my arms and back nice and sore.
Today it's supposed to be just as nice before it goes crappy again, so I might work a little on my computer before heading down early to VE to enjoy more reading outside. If the weather stays nice, this trend may continue- we'll have to see. :)
Heading home this weekend to hang out with the parents a little bit, hopefully I'll be able to get some homework done in there as well. I've got a presentation on Thursday, as well as five pages of my paper and an annotated Bibliography due for my Graduate Seminar class. How all of that will fit in with work, I'm still figuring out.
At least it's spring break for a little bit longer... right? :)

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