Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Break? Please?

This week is a good example of the balance that my life has become. On one hand, I had a fantastic weekend- outdoors the entire time, climbing in beautiful weather, falling asleep with snow squelching beneath me. Then I had to come back to reality with classes, work, and watching the rain dribble down outside while I did this:Never ending research, paper prospects, and of course reading articles, school books, journals, all while keeping the coffee mug full.
Don't get me wrong- I love doing the school thing. When I really dig into my researching, I love learning new things and finding connections between things that didn't exist before, and new ways to look at things. I love the idea of teaching these things to others that are just as excited to me.
But even now, surrounded by books... I've got that crazy itch to get outside again and do something. I don't like the idea of sitting around. If I do it too much, I'll get antsy and won't pay attention. For example- last night, did laundry and worked on research all night. After work this morning, I did more research before meeting with my professor to discuss my summer fellowship application. Right now- I should be revising my prospectus for turning it in on Friday.
Instead, I'm throwing my harness into my backpack to head down to the climbing gym, because if I don't start moving today-
Spring break... please get here soon... a break would be every so nice...

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