Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Ouray Pictures

When I went to Ouray, Colorado for ice climbing, my buddy Pete Lande met up with us one day and took pictures with his fancy expensive camera (I might want it a lot). He then proceeded to drive around most of the western part of the US to climb, hike, canyoneer, and other such fun activities for a month and a half. He just got back last week and yesterday delivered to me a CD of the better pictures he took in Ouray. Here's some of my favorites that he took:Tyler warming up in the Schoolroom section...Kicking loose some ice on The Verminator...I pull through the mixed to ice switch on the Verminator as well...Last two pics are of me pulling through the first ice section of Jesus Christ Built my Finger Crack, then starting up the crack in the mixed part under the chandelier. Very hard and beefy, but a beautiful line :)Tyler was the only one of us to get Jesus Christ Built My Finger Crack clean... and he flashed it, getting it first time, despite a loss of feet as seen here.
Sadly, with all the warm weather lately I think that unless Duluth gets a big snowstorm (crossing my fingers) ice climbing season has closed for now. Now it's just a matter of time till it's dry enough to hitch up to the rock again (finally). Maybe... tomorrow? ;)

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