Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stupid Thumbs

I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to write until I finished my mittens, especially since I was oh-so-close to the end and could finish them in one sitting. With this in mind, I picked them up on Sunday while the Vikings-Saints football game was on TV.
I didn't know it, but both things were doomed from the start.See that lovely pair of mittens? They have a beautiful alpaca wool lining, ready to be loved and worn... but there's a slight problem. I discovered that I may have been slightly too much into the game when I was knitting the last thumb at the end.
It wasn't until I put them on at the end that I noticed something.I closed the top of the thumb too early- without measuring it, without holding it up to the other mitten- just glanced down and thought, that looks right, and started decreasing. I finished the mittens as the Vikings lost the game (I really didn't care- I'm a hockey girl. Talk to me during Wild playoffs), then put them on, excited that I had finally finished them. I noticed the fail right away when the thumb cut off way before it was supposed to.
It's just barely long enough to maybe work, but as they're going to be my fall-back, good mittens for awhile, I want them above the "it'll work" status. Tonight they're going to take a step back, get fixed, and then hopefully (finally) these stupid mittens will be done.
Another thing I'm working on is a special something for my Mom's birthday, which is today.I wanted to have it done for Christmas, but finals kind of got in the way and it had to be postponed for a bit. I'm making her a "Mother-Daughter" scrapbook of just the two of us, hopefully ready for when I go to the cities this weekend to celebrate her birthday. It'll be a fun project to put together, and I'm excited to see what she thinks of it.
Time to finish homework reading for tomorrow before getting hard to work on this.
Stay warm, everyone. :)

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