Sunday, January 17, 2010


Once I got it in me to work hard on projects last night, I went at it.I wanted some form of decoration utilizing some of the pieces of mail I've received in the past few years, and after collecting stamps and envelopes and postcards together I threw paint all over a canvas and broke out the trusty Elmer's glue.I'm very happy with the result, which is drying now on my craft table in the living room. The picture really doesn't do it justice, and I'll attempt to get a better one later when it's dried. Hopefully it'll add a little personalized touch to my room and inspire me to keep up with my snail mail correspondences. Plus I loved working with the mixed media to create wall art- it was a refreshing change of material from all the yarn and fabric I've been working with lately. I'll probably give it another go sometime in the future.
I also finished a project that I've been meaning to do for awhile. I bought a second-hand copy of Stevenson's Treasure Island, which looks innocent enough on a bookshelf or in a pile of books.
I did some modifying last night. With an exacto knife and (again) some Elmer's glue to stabilize the pages, I hollowed out the center of the book to create one of those "secret compartment" books. The cuts are pretty rough, especially the farther down you go, but again I'm very happy with the result! After slicing out the center of the pages, I simply used a brush to "paint" (and gob) glue around the edges of the cut, letting it dry overnight. I now have a pretty solid little secret book ready to hide anything (small) I want right on my bookshelf- my own "treasure box", if you will. (Sorry, ironic book nerd humor I couldn't resist!)
I'm attempting to keep the project streak going today with my double-thick mittens next on the list. Work later plus movie night tonight hopefully equals enough knitting time to get them done.
The only question is what should I embroider on the top of them?

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