Friday, January 22, 2010

Olympic Task

School and work have kept me pretty busy this week (not to mention ice climbing on Monday!) and I haven't gotten any farther on my mittens. I do, however, have a long stretch of working at VE coming up this weekend, so hopefully they'll finally materialize and I can stop wearing my winter camping mittens everywhere.
After the mittens, I've got a bit more of a task ahead of me. The Winter Olympics are coming up in February, and I've joined the Ravelympics on Ravelry to attempt to accomplish a knitting goal, and I have two possibilities in mind.
First of all is using gift yarn to make the Seneca sweater by Jared Flood (his blog, brooklyntweed, is in my sidebar links). As of right now, I own one sweater that I've made for myself after knitting for about 3 or 4 years. This pattern is perfect for the yarn I have, and I know at some point I'll knit it, it's just a matter of when.
The possibility that I'm thinking will be most likely, however, is challenging myself to finish my Dad's Dale of Norway sweater that I started over a year ago. It's been sitting in the time out box for a very, very long time now, and this seems like the perfect time to bring it out to finish. I've gotten (what I believe to be) the hardest part out of the way- the endless 13 1/2 inches of blank stockingnette stitch over and over in navy blue, and it's only fun colorwork from here on out. Plus the sleeves will feel like a cinch compared to the arm, right?The whole point of making this sweater is that it's for my Dad, commemorating the Olympic Miracle team that he loved and which meant so much to him. I think it'll be pretty memorable for me to work on and finish this sweater during the Vancouver Olympics- not because I believe the USA team will win, but because these Olympics are being held in Canada, and my Dad is in part of his soul a Canadian (I think I am a little bit, too, having collectively traveled over a year of my life in Canada- I absolutely love it there).
It's going to be a bit of a challenge, but I think I can do it, and after having this thing be undone for so long, I'm pretty sure that I have to do it.
Darn it.
Bring it on, sweater.
I am going to take you down.

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