Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doubly Delicious... or close...

After making the mittens for Molly for Christmas, I cast on for my own pair of double-layered and delicious mittens in a dark grey with purple buttery alpaca. They were packed neatly and ready to go in my bag for the Colorado trip for car knitting and down time/rest knitting.I got the first mitten completely done, and only ran into issues when I got on the second mitten.
While packing, I made the amateur mistake of forgetting to pack extra yarn- stupid. I got all the way to the decrease on the top of the outside mitten before having to string waste yarn through the stitches to hold in wait till I got home for the proper yarn. Not to be deterred by small events, I cast on the inside mitten and worked hard at it, increasing for the thumb, happily moving till I reached the thumb cast off... and realized that I had no thumb holder, and no extra waste yarn unless I went digging in the middle of my ball of alpaca. Thus my knitting had to come to a screeching halt halfway through the trip, hanging out in the state pictured above until I could get home and get not only extra holders for thumb stitches, but yarn to finish the top of the first mitten. Hopefully now that I'm home I can finish these up in short order to use them in winter. Huzzah! The last couple of days at home have been fairly productive, too. My entire school and desk area has been cleaned out, reorganized and prepared for classes to start in a week. I also cleaned out my craft area, so now I can actually reach some of my materials to work on them. I have a corkboard ready to go up to pin up sketches and projects above my sewing area- hopefully that will help inspire me in the sewing and embroidery aspect of things. And the bag full of Dale sweater is hanging obviously and meanly on my bookshelf, mocking me to pick it up again. We'll see how that goes.
It's late, and I have a loaf of bread finishing in the oven before I head to bed. Toast in the morning? :)
Hopefully I'll have a finished pair of mittens to show for my next post...

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