Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkeys and Gobbles

I'm down in the cities for the weekend, hanging out with the family and getting as much homework done as I can before I start class again for the week. Turkey day was at my aunt's house, and it was fabulous (as usual!).The best part was that one of my uncles made a plate of green jello on top of a bed of carrot shavings, topped with... actually, I don't even know what it was topped with. Something white in the shape of a flower. I had a tiny sliver of the green jello (minus the white) just out of tradition, and the addition of the carrot shavings was pretty bad.
We played a few games of Bingo, and I won a box of Gobstoppers, some coffee, and a blaze orange soup ladle. Unfortunately, the soup ladle succumbed to my cousin Ben's flailings, breaking in half. He tried to tape it back together- with scotch tape. Gotta love the family. My uncle Brent and I did our annual tequila shot- which he started when I was 18, and which taught me that I don't like tequila. Which is why I only do one tequila shot per year.
I got up early this morning to go help my Dad pick a printer for my Mom at Office Depot. I couldn't believe that there was actually a line- post-its couldn't be that popular! I forgot that they had laptops to give out for cheap. We got the printer and pretty much got out of there.
Off now to get some coffee and do some homework.
I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!
Gobble gobble...

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