Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fresh Bread!

I had my first afternoon/evening off for a long time yesterday, so I got to go home, relax... do a bunch of reading homework... and then get some projects done I've been needing to for awhile.
For instance, I packed all my yarn in an old suitcase around the apartment, and now if it doesn't fit in the suitcase I must have too much of it (I know, I know... but honestly, the stash was getting ridiculous and I have to go on a heavy yarn diet anyway).I also started on a long-overdue project- one that I wanted to wait on until I had all the proper tools, but realized that it was silly to wait and I wanted to get it done soon anyway. So I started on it, enjoying the feeling or creating again.I also endeavored on a brand-new adventure- MAKING BREAD! A lot of coworkers have been raving about something called Artisan Bread- super simple bread recipe that takes four ingredients and makes up in practically no time at all! Since I'm the type that burns toast, it was a pretty crazy endeavor for me to embark on, but it was really challenging and really fun.
It went from doughto rising dough in just a couple of hours, with me only mixing things and leaving the bread mixture on the counter for effort.Then this morning I stuck a test loaf in the oven, and it came out beautifully!!! So beautifully, in fact..That I had to prepare another one right away!
My bread for a wonderful sandwich for dinner is cooling out on the rack right now, and if it work out I will ecstatically post the recipe that I used for all to try.
Tonight- work and a lot of reading.
Along with tasty homemade bread sandwich.
Mmmm... :)

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