Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's been a fairly relaxing break for me compared to my normal schedule. I've been able to get a lot of my reading done, as well as work on both of my papers for my classes. It makes me a little nervous how slow the progress is on them compared to how much time I have left to work on them, but as always I have high hopes.
I got to spend some quality time with the family, especially helping to decorate our Christmas tree- a big deal for my folks. When we went on family vacations, we always picked up an ornament or two of where we were and (if possible) what we did there. We have a lot of skiing Santas from our trips out west, sea kayaks from Hudson Bay and the Pacific, and sailboats- as well as a good collection of hockey ornaments, Nutcracker ballet, and one of my personal favorites-A climber rappelling down a line! I got this from my parents last year, and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed that they managed to find one like this.(I'm overlooking the fact that he's not tied in at both strongpoints, is using a double fisherman as his main knot, and is using a bell to rappel instead of a regular belay device, but you take what you can get, right?)
My other project this weekend occured when my Mom dumped a giant tupperware in front of me when I was reading and told me to start sorting. She had me in a place to finally go through all of my books, sorting those that I could give away, those to keep, and those I was to bring to Duluth.It didn't seem like a problem until she brought out another one box... then another one... then yet another one... and they kept coming from places around the house that I've been hiding books for years... without my brother and I there, she had time to go around and find all of them, and I have to admit even I was a little surprised at how many I owned, especially considering how many I already have in Duluth.
I found some of my favorite classics that I haven't seen for year, like my original battered copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl, a copy of English Romatic poems from an old professor with her notes, and my entire collection of plays and play anthologies that I've been looking all over the place for. I finally got them all sorted into five giant plastic tubs, with another tub to bring up to Duluth with me.
Heading back to Duluth at lunchtime today, then funnelling my vision down to reading, papers, and preparing for the North Shore Style Climbing Competition on Saturday- I'm excited for that! I'll post pictures of my recent finished knits when I get back to Duluth, as I didn't get pictures of them before I left.
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. :)

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