Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brewhouse Triathlon

Sunday was the big day for my team- Team B&N- to compete hardcore in the Brewhouse Triathlon! Bright and early (with no coffee in us, including me), we met at the side of Pike Lake to join in the craziness that is a Triathlon (event including three parts- a swim, a bike, then a run). This particular triathlon evolved out of me being kicked off a boy's team (they wanted a different swimmer) so I formed my own awesome team with two friends from B&N- Christine (middle) and Sam (right)! Originally I was going to do the swim, Sam was going to bike, and Christine was going to run, but once we realized that each of us was really personally quite terrible at those events, we switched to our natural abilities- Christine was a competitive swimmer in High School, Sam a Boston Marathon runner, and I bike as a form of transportation, so naturally we did what each was best at.Christine started the day with a .8 mile swim, gunning it like crazy in Pike Lake (which isn't exactly clean) and being one of the first swimmers out of the water to tag me to go on the bike.I then had a 22 mile bike, which I clocked in at 1 hour, 12 minutes and 8 seconds- meaning that I went over 20 mph average for the ride! I was super excited for my time, but not nearly as excited as Sam:She ran just over 7 minute miles for 5 miles, getting first place in the relay division for her run time- yay crazy runner girl! :) Overall our team did spectacular, earning us 4th place out of the female relay teams (only 7 seconds behind 3rd place and 4 minutes behind first- so close!) and with high spirits that if we actually trained for this next year, we may take home a first place beer mug!
I have to admit, for as nervous as I was leading up to the race, I had so much adrenaline on race day I think that helped me go that much faster on the bike, and I'm proud of my time and my team's time.
I can't wait for next year! :)

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