Monday, August 31, 2009

Orange to Purple

As the summer winds down, my excitement for school to start is piling in my stomach like a bunch of birds on acid. I'm furiously getting ready, compiling books I think I'll need, attempting to decide between my tried-and-true New York City Library Planner or the new Moleskin planner that I already have? Stupid decisions that have no bearing but seem important anyway.
I've also taken this empty canvasand worked like thisto turn it into thisbefore putting furniture in like this.I'm pretty excited- I've been living in the pantry-sized room for about a year now, and having a full-sized bedroom is new and fun, not to mention the awesome time decorating it! I'm going for a thrity-chic sort of look- second hand, yet loved and cared for. I'm trying to keep it minimalistic, and finding it a little hard (when you're as into office supplies as I am, where do you put the five things of post-it notes without making it looked cluttered, much less minimalist?) I'm only working B&N in the morning for the next few days though, so I'll have most of the afternoon to clean, organize, get things set up and ready before I have to start school.
I finished the Bartering Thorpe for Matthew- I made him a hat in exchange for using his U-card (free bus) all summer. The only problem- I lost his U-card, so I made him a hat and owe him $15 for a new card. Oops. Oh well- I had the card long enough that it probably was worth much more than a new card.
The hat turned out really well, though.Super simple, made with the leftover gray from my Bella mittens and midnight blue and some green from other random projects. It's nice to get a whole hat out of leftover scraps. I had to have Cheryl re-teach me how to do the double crochet thing for the edging (one of these days she's going to teach it to me and it'll actually stick), and besides a few odd loops it turned out great. It's knit on size 9's with two strands of Cascade 220 held together, so hopefully the double-knit will help keep him warm against the cold Duluth wind.
I spent most of today in bed, fighting off sore throat, a bad cold that makes me sound like James Earl Jones, and a cough that would remind a listener of someone with consumption. I'm feeling much better tonight, so hopefully some Gilmore Girls, raspberry tea with honey and knitting on the Whisper Cardigan will help me up a little.
Until later, m'dears... cheerio. ;)

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