Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm a little over a week from Grad School starting, and the last week has certainly shifted things around a lot.
I finally got a couple afternoons off this past week, allowing me to move all the furniture and leftover items out of Teresa's room and get it ready for me. I painted over the orange wall- it's now a soft, pretty purple (and matches my blaze-blue bookshelf!) and I'm excited to get fully settled in there before school starts. Yesterday was running around for new school supplies (which turned out pretty futile- I have two classes and really no idea what I'm going to need) before sharing tacos, potato ole's, oreos, and a movie with a friend.
I've mostly been on standby mode though. Early last week, my old roommate and one of my close friends had her Dad pass away from cancer. He fought a long, hard battle and lasted longer than a lot of people thought he was going to, but in the end it was too much for his body to take. He was originally supposed to be okay through fall, but that ended up not being the case. This week has been phone calls and support system and basically keeping my phone close for when she needs me. The wake is Monday, and she said I didn't need to be there because there was going to be a lot of family support around, which means we're going to have a long, hardcore girls weekend sometime this fall.
In the midst of all this, keeping an upbeat attitude feels a little difficult at times. It's getting close to the time that my Grandpa passed away last year, and thinking about her father got me thinking about when my Dad had a cancer scare. Luckily the doctors caught his all right and he's been in remission for awhile, but it's still scary to think of. I can't even imagine how my friend must feel right now.
Anyhow, that's the goings-on here for now- sorry it's such a downer update. I also still have no internet, so no picture posts until that's up and running. Which is a shame, because I have some great painting shots of my new room as well as finished and in progress knitting.
I'm off to sit at work for the rest of the day and nurse a sore throat with some tea and honey, watching the phone in case she changes her mind about Monday or just needs a phone-hug.
Ciao, for now...

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