Friday, January 16, 2015

15 in 2015

Now that I've recapped my successes (and failures) of 2014, it's time to make goals for 2015!  This is long overdue, being 2 full weeks in to 2015, but for myself, I needed to get this up.
Every year, I make a list of goals for the year.  This is everything from a specific knit that I want to finish to a fitness goal that I'm trying to push myself with to achieve.  Last year's list was pretty extensive, and I accomplished a little over half of them.  The ones that I finished, though, were pretty sweet!
This year, I have a mixture of specific goals that I want to accomplish and more abstract or weekly goals that I want to push myself with.  I feel like a lot of them support the others, and I've even already been off to a good start!
This year broke down nicely in to 3 distinct categories- Athletic, Personal, and Artistic.
Here we go!


(The Knitting Drawer when it was actually organized)
1- I need to finish my Dad's Dale of Norway this year.  No excuses!
2- I have all the materials to complete a Project Life Scrapbook for 2014; time to put it together.
3- I want to knit at least 4 things for myself, including at least 1 sweater!
4- This might be a tad vague, but it takes a long time to make a house feel like a home.  My goal is to make our new house actually feel like our home in every room.  My guess is this will take a bit to really get down, hence the year-long goal.
5- I have a lot of extra art supplies and materials.  I need to cut my materials down to a realistic and manageable level (for example, am I really going to attempt to make 3 more Tshirt quilts?  Probably not...)


(Working Sigma once last summer)
1- Redpoint Mr. Lean (5.11d) on trad lead at Palisade Head, MN
2- Redpoint Sigma (5.12a/b) on sport lead at Sandstone Quarry, MN
3- Trad Lead all of the climbs rated 5.10 and lower at Palisade Head (that aren't chossy and crappy)
4- Make it my goal to train and climb at least 3 times a week
5- Cross-country Ski 500 K over the course of 2015.  I want to successfully classic ski the Birkie in 2016, so I feel like this would be a good number to aim for.


1- Do 2 phone calls or hang-out times (longer than a few minutes) and send out 2 pieces of mail to friends and family every week to stay connected to people.
2- Read 40 books.  This number seems to work well for me.
3- Learn and really nail my proper climbing rescue techniques and spend time practicing it this summer.
4- Actually do some research to be able to properly handle and budget my finances better.  Time to grow up in that department.
5- Become comfortable in speaking and writing basic French.  Time to get back on that horse.

It feels like a really big list, but it actually almost feels more realistic and attainable than last year's.
Here's to staying focused, strong, and really pushing myself this year in a lot of different ways while staying cheerful, excited, and motivated (the first two are usually not a problem!) :)

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