Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding and Unpacking and Constructing- Oh, My!

Over the weekend, I was honored to be the Maid of Honor (oh, puns!) in my friend Celeste's wedding!

Celeste is one of my best friends from Graduate School, and she decided to stay in northern MN after we graduated.  Lucky for both of us- I get to see her all the time now!

The wedding was gorgeous, and the party was fantastic despite the slightly-chilly temps that rocked outside.  During the ceremony (held in a greenhouse), we could hear the wind whistling around the glass as it frosted over.  Very dramatic and cool!

(Eric, the groom, totally photobombing us while we tried to take a serious photo)

(Scott was my dapper and all-around awesome bearded date!)
It was fantastic fun all around- probably one of the more low-key and all-around fun weddings I've been to in a long time!  Less than a day after they got hitched, Celeste and her husband are off on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and it's probably a good thing...

It's gotten a little chilly up here in Duluth.  Sadly, that picture doesn't depict the -40's that the windchill gets down to... burr!  Luckily, that's given me plenty of time indoors to do a ton of unpacking, organizing, purging (which I realize is what you're supposed to do before you move... oops), reorganizing, and all around making a mess of the new house as I try to figure out where everything will go.

(The living room is pretending to be organized.  What's that?  Why, yes, there isn't a couch.  We're definitely using bouldering pads instead for now...)
One of my big YAHOO moments between wedding help last weekend was putting together the bedframe we got from Ikea to replace our old and broken one.

Constructed.  ALL.  BY.  MYSELF!
I had only a couple of minor mistakes where I had to learn to slow down when reading the directions, but overall it looks and works great!  It's quite nice to be sleeping on a frame again instead of a mattress on the floor, reiterating the importance of owning real furniture.  Scott and I are doing a trip to the cities this weekend for one more big Ikea run.  On the top of that list- a couch!
Besides finishing unpacking, spring semester is already creeping up.  Classes start next Monday, and with Faculty days on both Thursday and Friday, I've been scrambling to get my syllabus and lesson plans ready to go before two days of meetings.
One of the good things about those meeting days?  Lots of knitting time. I have a couple of projects in mind to work on.
And apparently I need to knit myself some handmade socks.  :)
Those have officially been added to the "Things I need to Knit for Myself" list for 2015...
Speaking of lists, hopefully I'll get my official "15 in 2015" list up in the next day or two when we officially get internet at my house.
Yep- still without.
Crossing my fingers for Friday.
Until then, stay warm out there folks.  It's a tad chilly...

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nancy88 said...

Hee hee! Socks. Yes. :)

Good job on the Ikea project. The few I've tried have been a bit challenging, even WITH reading the directions!