Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Recap

So I realize that we're almost 2 weeks in to January, but I'm finally getting my life, my jobs (school started on Monday!), and my house organized enough that I can spend a minute reminiscing about 2014.  I did a ton of traveling (which I need to keep doing!), I continued to rework my curriculum at my job, and I tried some things that I generally wouldn't have otherwise!  While I didn't complete all my goals, the ones I did complete I was really happy about!
My mantra for 2014 was Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind, an Emerson quote that I'm particularly fond of.  While there were times that following that was difficult, I feel like I did a pretty good job overall of staying positive, having fun, and attempting to keep kindness in my everyday interactions.

Successful goals-
- Running a Half-Marathon

Success!  This one was big.  I'm not a runner.  Repeat:  NOT a runner.  I ran Grandma's Half-Marathon, got a time of 2:32:27, and learned that while I'm not cut out for long-distance running, I have a very high pain tolerance threshold.  As a climber, I feel like that's important. :)
- Finish 4 Knitting Projects for Myself
Another success!  First and foremost, I finished a pair of socks for myself at the end of January in 2014.

I knit my first hat and mittens set for myself- my first matching set in like 8 years of knitting!  Unfortunately, the hat fell victim a couple of months later to Maeby's tummy, but for awhile I had my very own set of hand-made goodies!

I also finished an entire sweater in the span of the 3 weeks I was overseas on my Europe vacation.  Woowoo!  This only shows that when I actually put my mind and efforts towards a big project, it's not that difficult to complete.
- Read 40 books
I officially read 34, but that's not counting the thousands of pages of student papers I read throughout the year.  I feel like that more than makes up for the books I didn't get to.
Favorite books of the year include:
"A Dance with Dragons" by George R.R. Martin (when is the next book out??!!)
"The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance" by Laurie Garrett (I don't know why I'm so fascinated with nasty diseases lately...)
"Faithful Place" by Tana French (need to check out more books by her...)
The Southern Reach Trilogy, including "Annihilation" and "Authority" by Jeff Vandermeer (I'm reading the third and last book in this new series right now)
Obviously there are more that I enjoyed, but those are the highlights.
- Finishing "The Dude Sweater" during the Olympics

I love and hate this knit so much.  Great conversation piece, huge and awkward to knit.  Also fairly ugly.  Working well for S's new man-cave in the basement, since it's chilly down there.

Non-successful goals-
- Finished my Dad's Dale of Norway
It's the the docket for this year.  I. WILL. PREVAIL.
- Create a Personal Website
Pshh.  Nope.
- Work on German
I did a little bit, but not nearly enough for it to count.
- Learn Photo Software for Editing Photos
I mean, I learned how to do it on my phone.  Does that count?
- Climb 5.12 on Sport and 5.11 on Trad
Started to toe that line, but not last year.  This year is the year!
- Reach the 200 Hexipoof mark on the Honey Quilt
Nope.  I kind of forgot about this project in like mid-February...
- Break Procrastination Habit
This was mostly to do with grading, and while I got better, I still have a ways to go.

Uff-da!  Well, besides the hard and fast goals, it was a great year.

I went on a climbing trip to Mt Rushmore with one of my besties in Spring.

I got to do an all-ladies climbing trip to the Red River Gorge, which has become a yearly MEA-break tradition in October.

I met Ben, an honorary nephew and a pretty sweet little dude.

I got to visit Denmark for the first time and see one of my best friends while she lives there.

I joined my family for a fantastic two weeks in Italy.

I went on a chilly but fun weekend trip to the BWCAW with my guy for his Bday.

I got my diving certification and went on my first dive in Lake Superior- a night dive!
Come to think of it, 2014 was pretty sweet.
It may be difficult to top... :)

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