Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stuck At 60%

I worked on my brother's Vest this morning, reaching the underarms and finally putting stitches on holders so I can work on just one section at a time.

It felt really good to reach this point on the vest, because I'm starting to get very bored of this pattern.
I mean, I've already done one hat with it, and I'm in the midst of another hat, so can you blame me?

Don't get me wrong- funny pattern, yep, great, but I'm at the 60% finished point for both this vest and the two hats as a collective that I'm working on.
Normally, when I get to the 60% finished part of a project, I start to get antsy and want to start another one.  I know that I don't have very far to go on this project- honestly, a little dedication and I'm going to see some really cool progress as I only work on one section of the chart at a time.  Unfortunately, I just want to see something else on my needles right now.
The only problem is, I'm at about the 60% completed portion for all the projects I'm working on right now.
Check out my Ravelry queue:

All four of my projects are at the point that I don't want to do much with them.  And some of them I haven't touched for ages.  For instance, Brit's Pangolin Cowl.

I started that back at the end of April, happy to be working with bright colors.  Unfortunately, I didn't really touch it that much with the end of school and dance coming around, and it's simple and small enough that it's demoted to "travel knit" only, which unfortunately I haven't done a ton of lately.

The Everlasting Gobstopper handwarmers were amazing when I started them- bright colors were exactly what I needed to combat the lousy spring we've had.  With those, I don't really like how the fit my hand.  I like a snug fit that decreases for the wrist, and these are just a little too loose.  I mildly ignored that they were going to do that while making them, and now I'm going to just finish them and figure out who to gift them to.
If I actually sat down and dedicated some time, I could easily finish most of these projects in no time at all.
But that means I actually have to sit down and dedicate time to them.
And all I want to do is start something new.
Something fun.
Something that is not a current project.
Apparently my knitting sense can see that it's summer and is becoming flightly and unfocused.  I probably shouldn't be terribly surprised.


Mark said...

I don't see the 1980 Olympic team sweater for the Norwegians in your queue :-(

Mark said...

Does the remaining 40% include a knitted velcro'able "door" to cover portions of your pictorials?