Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I'm slowly but surely coming back from the 1/2 Marathon.  After a couple days, my muscles are finally staring to feel fine, but my left foot is still sore from the constant pounding of 13 miles.  I'm hoping I'll be able to go out for a short jog tomorrow if I don't mildly destroy my foot again at tap rehearsal tonight.   More on my little tap project later... ;)

(Albert enjoys the top floor of his kitty condo, as well as my purple heat pad.  He was a pretty awesome snuggler the last couple of days!)
The down time at home has allowed me to blast through a couple of books and get some solid knitting time in.  I finished the bottom half of Kyle's Vest, and even got through the bottom section of the color chart!

I really like how it's turning out, and I'm even getting a little faster at knitting the wrong side of the vest with two colors.  I have to split soon for the underarms and the back, which means I have to do a little manual charting for the back.

Instead of just repeating the pattern twice on the back, I decided to have the deer in the center of the back surrounded by different sizes of pine trees.  Nice and classy. :)  I'll repeat the bottom section of colorwork after I'm done with the deer and trees to give the deer a nice border.  I'm happy that so far it's going quickly- I kind of want to get this project done and off the table.
Because it's ridiculous.
And mildly ugly.
what in the world am I thinking?

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