Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mid Week BAM

The first half of my week was spent pretty much at the dance studio.  Our show is this Saturday with an all-day rehearsal on Friday, so I spent a good portion of Monday and after my classes on Tuesday making dressing room door signs, throwing out old papers to help clean out the office, and teaching my last classes for the year.

(Why yes, I am the one in the giant shark hat.  Why?)
The last part is bittersweet; I absolutely love teaching the crazy array of ladies in my classes, but I'm at the point where I'm ready to be done with my dances for the year.  We've performed all of my competition songs and dances a million times now, and as much as I like the ones I choreographed this year, I'm already excited and listening to songs for next year.
One thing I do plan on doing this summer with some of my senior-line tappers is putting together a small group to perform down in Duluth's Canal Park for fun.  I plan on choreographing a couple of small bits for them to perform, and depending on how the group progresses, I'm hoping that they'll take the reigns and do their own bits of choreography.  That's my hope, at least, especially since I'll be gone most of August, and I think it would be a cool learning experience for them to do a bit of their own tap choreography and impromptu performance in front of our scads of summer tourists. :)

Since I've spent so much time at the studio, I only have a cool picture of the cookies that two sisters from two different tap lines brought in for me- spelling out my name!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.  :)
Other than that, on this particular Wednesday...
Listening: to the Pitch Perfect second album (one song in particular), and the 2012 New Broadway Cast recording of Annie for next year's competition inspiration...
Enjoying: Scott and I put together this awesome dish tonight, and it was a perfect summer dinner salad!
Sporting: Clothes from a recent clothing exchange with some friends.  Never done one?  They're amazing.  I invite 8-10 ladies over, we throw all our clothes we don't want or wear much in a pile (things you'd normally put in a garage sale or a Goodwill bag), then just go through them together and grab what we like!  I get almost a new wardrobe for absolutely nothing- which currently fits my no-salary budget! ;)  It's perfect for anyone, and works great paired with food and/or wine. :)
More later this week, and hopefully I'll be (finally) putting together my list of things I need to accomplish this summer...

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