Friday, June 6, 2014

Christmas Deer Hats... and Vest?

Last night I finished the first of two Fornicating Deer Hats that I'll be gifting to my cousins this year for Christmas!

I knit most of this hat on the drive through South Dakota for my climbing trip, and it went really fast.  I made some mild modifications to close the top of the hat, and made the black and orange multi-colored poof for the top while watching Ender's Game with my friend Alex last night (poof not pictured).
Then I sent a picture of it to my brother- you know, for fun.
Mistake #1.
He loved it.  And I really mean loved it.  Enough so that he requested that his birthday and Christmas gift combo this year be for me to knit him his own version of it.  Not just a hat, mind you.
He wants a vest.
And I agreed.
Mistake #2.
I went to Yarn Harbor to find a pattern, and settled on Knitting Pure & Simple's Basic Cardigan Vest as my base.

Classy, button-up, and easy to throw over any shirt for any occasion, minus the fact that there are deer on it doing things you probably wouldn't wear to an office Christmas party.  At least it's an easy pattern that will (hopefully) be easy to modify to put this motive in...
I immediately started looking through yarn, knowing that if I didn't get this project off the ground now, I'll realize how ridiculous this project is and make a third hat instead.  I texted him to ask about his color preference, thinking I'd get black and red, or green and red to go with the Christmas theme.
Mistake #3.

He wanted dark navy blue for the base and burnt orange for the deer.  Why?  Because he wears a lot of stuff from the 70's, specifically my dad's old Ski Patrol hat and sweaters, which are all in the old Ski Patrol colors of navy blue and burnt orange.  Classy dresser, my brother.
Now I'm committed.  I have the pattern, the yarn, and a very excited brother that will no doubt ask about progress as the summer goes on.  All I have to do is figure out where I'll input the pattern in the vest, do some math, and get this puppy off the ground.
I feel like this knit goes beyond the biological obligation I have to give a family member well-done and nice knits.  He better be getting me something super cool for my own birthday present.
Why do I keep knitting ridiculous things because people ask me?
I think I have a problem...

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