Thursday, March 27, 2014


It's always about the best-laid plans, right?
My week was extremely organized on Monday morning.  I spent the morning at LSC, getting a ton of lesson planning and work done.  I carefully made my to-do list for the rest of the week, intentionally not over-booking myself so I knew I could get a fair amount of my projects done for both work and fun.
Like Taylor's cowl, for instance.
But then...
Oh dear...
Then I heard that one of my old dance friends was pregnant with a little baby girl, and suddenly things were happening that I couldn't stop if I wanted to.

I mean...
Well, since I already stumbled, I decided that a little baby dancer girl needs a bright pair of baby legwarmers to go with her pink dancer shoes.

Then on Wednesday, the day that I was supposed to get loads of grading done and blog and vacuum and clean the house more and pack Scott some snacks for his weekend away, I got a call from this lady:

Juliet and I go way back.  Waaaaaay back.  We started in the UMD Theater program together as undergraduates, and people used to call us "twins" since we're both the same height and build, with long blonde hair and loud laughs.  She's also the one that actually got me in to climbing.
Yeah.  She's that kind of a big deal.
She's been driving all over the country for the past few years with her boyfriend Jon (you can check out their travel blog here!) climbing, working odd jobs, and basically living an awesome vagabond lifestyle.  If I ever have a semester with no classes, I might take a leaf out of her book and jump on the road for a few months.  I wonder if Scott would be all right with that...

Anyhow, we got to head to the Duluth Coffee Company after a morning yoga session to catch up.  Yoga turned into lunch turned into climbing.

I didn't get home that night until dinnertime, but it was absolutely worth it.  I haven't seen Juliet since before Christmas, and since I might be out of town when she swings through Duluth again in August, I needed a nice big fix before she headed out.
It turned out to be fine that I didn't get any of my real work early done this week, though.  Mostly because today the weather turned to total poop.

(I took this selfie to send to my Mom in Florida- she LOVES getting the "bad weather" pics ever since she moved down there... I wonder why...)
It took me just about 40 minutes to get home on a normally 10-minute commute, and my only concrete plans thus far tomorrow are yoga early morning if the roads don't suck and climbing in the evening.  The rest of the day is smashing my entire to-do list from the week in there.  I'm going to be a grading machine, fueled by lots of coffee and the soundtrack to Game of Thrones (thank you, Duluth Public Library!).
It'll be fine... as long as I don't start thinking about baby knits again. :)

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