Saturday, September 1, 2012

What the Focus: centre & the Exploratory 5K

Lululemon is putting on a 30-day photo challenge in September that they're calling "What the Focus".  Each day, they have one word or a short phrase that you're supposed to interpret when taking a picture.  I've never done one of these before, but I thought it would be a great way to work a bit on my pretty horrendous bad lacking photographic skills.
It would also help my writing by forcing encouraging me post a blog post with the picture every day this month.
Today's word was "centre".  I was working all day, so I wasn't able to really find a chance to take a picture until my bike ride home later at night.  Luckily, an ore boat was just pulling out of the harbor, and was the lone light in the middle of the bay.

I also took a picture of the blue moon (second full moon of the month) in the center of a shot, but it was pretty boring- a blog of light in black.  More like a doctored cheesy "ghost" picture than anything.  The ship at least was interesting, and unique to Duluth. :)
In other news, I had a very interesting 5K run this morning at the Exploratory 5K.
I felt great when I got to the race site- had my banana right before I started the run, had the obligatory "excited" pose with my co-worker Val:

and set off, feeling strong and happy!

A little over a mile in, I was a few feet behind my boss's wife when her knee cap popped out of the socket and didn't slide back in.  She collapsed hard on the trail, screaming and clutching her leg.  I immediately dropped down and started talking to her and helping her to breathe and relax.  I've had both my kneecaps pop out of the socket- one of them twice- and have had to even push it back in place myself before, so I was at least familiar with her predicament.  She did a great job calming down, only occasionally clenching up, but she didn't want to move her leg from the bent position to let her kneecap try to slide back in on its own.  So I stayed with her for almost an hour, telling all the runners passing by to let the volunteers at the aid stations know what was up and send help immediately.  It took awhile to get communication correct, especially since we were over a mile in on a trail run, far away from easy access to roads.  Eventually the race officials, EMTs, and big ambulance guys with their sled made their way back there to carry her out and get her to the ER.  I stayed with her until they carried her away to the ambulance, then ran back to the start of the race just as the awards ceremony was finishing up.
I didn't get to finish my race, but I know Jen pretty well and I knew that in that moment it was much more important for me to stay with her than finish.  There's nothing like having someone you know ready to help you when you're down and in pain- especially far back on a woodsy running trail.
There's always another race I could sign up for.  :)

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