Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WTF Day 5: Flare

When I saw the "What the Focus" word for the day, my first thought was from the movie "Office Space".  Particularily, the scene where the waitress has to wear a certain amount of 'flair' on her work suspenders.  I've been mildly lucky with my jobs- the only one that I had a certain amount of 'flare' I needed was at the climbing gym, when a harness and possible rescue equipment was supposed to be worn at all times.
Today, flare for me came at the end of the day.  Don't get me wrong- I took pictures of my jewelry box in the morning light, of my sweet new climbing shoes that left red dye on my feet, of the bright tape covering the wall I was bouldering on.
But the real moment was as I was winding down, lighting up to boil water for tea.  Even better- boiling enough water for my guy, who was (and is) working hard on homework.

The flare of the warm flame, winding down from today, stretching sore muscles and getting excited for an early morning run before school.
The flare of happiness when I see his smile as I balance a hot cup of tea, pausing the studying for a kiss.
That was my flare for today. :)

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