Friday, September 7, 2012

WTF Day 6 & 7: 'bright' and 'now playing'

It's been a crazy last couple of days.  Yesterday I was at school all day teaching, stayed late working hard lesson planning in my office for awhile, then came home to run, work out, and grade.  This morning was more teaching, more organizing for the weekend, a lot more grading, and only now am I feeling mildly prepared for this weekend.
It'll be a great weekend- a shower and bachelorette party for one of my oldest friends tomorrow, thrown by one of my other oldest friends, then seeing college friends on Sunday and (hopefully) a performance!  I don't think I'll be able to post my pictures for the weekend until Sunday night or even Monday, but my challenge photos will eventually get up. :)
Yesterday's photo was 'bright', which I found at work in the copy center!

Today's picture was a lot harder for me.  I went through a few bad pictures, and I'm not exactly happy with the one I took, but it was difficult to capture 'now playing'.

I finally chose our ancient music set-up at the climbing gym.  Covered in chalk and occasionally shorting out, it's been there for a long time, pumping everything from folk tunes to dubstep to country to even a night of "What movie is this theme music from?".  I proceeded to pass out small candy treats to people who could name movies based on their classical scores.  :)
I'm pretty zonked, mentally and physically for the night.
Off to read, wind down, and get ready for a packed weekend.
I'll leave you with a picture of the kittens, about to cause trouble as usual...


Mark said...

Did you hear any loons? So pretty up there.

Mark said...

Cats on Broadway! Did I win any candy?