Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's been an utterly overwhelming week so far, and it's just about Wednesday.  Uffda!
Scott and I ran a lot of errands as the weekend finished up, just to be sure we were ready when school started this week.  This included buying a vacuum (finally) for our apartment, doing a large grocery run, and diving in to a deep clean of the entire apartment.
I also got some great news on Sunday- LSC wanted me to add on three sections of their "Intro to College" class!  It was really last minute, leaving me to scramble a bit, but after a couple days of being all over the place I finally feel like I have a little more direction as to how I'm running that class.  Adding those on at the last minute made me feel less stressed for teaching my Comp classes.  Not exactly sure why.  All my classes have started pretty well without a hitch, and I'm exceedingly happy with how things are going so far this year.  Huzzah!
The kittens have been finding time to get in to mischief more, now that Scott and I are both teaching all day (and Scott's taking classes for his computer something-or-other degree!).

Maeby was pretty excited about some textbooks from Amazon recently- mostly because the box proved to fit her decently well.  Our kitties don't need fancy, expensive toys- boxes and ping-pong balls go over well here.  (Though listening to them batting the ping-pong ball around in the kitchen and crashing into the walls in the middle of the night isn't nearly as amusing as it is during the day...)
I'm convinced more and more each day that cats melt into places, with no actual bones.

I mentioned earlier that I started another cowl for a Christmas present, which is coming along slowly but easily.  I keep meaning to start the backgrounds on the snowflakes, but those are going to require more than just an hour before bed with my current schedule.
I also got some fun colors for a pair of mittens for a friend from a different country!

She's working here right now, learning how to knit, and I think she'll really enjoy having some warm mittens in the colors of her home country keeping her cozy all winter!  Once I start at least one of the snowflake backgrounds, I'll feel better about starting these mittens.  I have some time this weekend to work on them, so I'm counting on that.
I have a 5K race coming up this weekend as well- the Exploratory 5K!  I went out on a run last night and ended up going just under three miles.  I'm not in fantastic shape right now, but I know I'll be able to at least finish the race running the whole time.  I'll run again tomorrow since I climbed today, but I'm really happy that I keep signing up for these races.  It forces me to get out there and run, which I wouldn't normally attempt.  I'm getting better at it; more comfortable with it.  It's less of a "Oh my GOODNESS I don't want to do this BAAAAH SIDE CRAMPS CAN'T BREATHE LAAAAAME!" and more "Huh, this isn't too bad... slow and steady wins, right?"
Part of me isn't looking forward to when winter kicks in- getting motivation to run outside when it's in the single digits is tough.
But that's so far away for now... :)

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Cole said...

Good luck in your race Katie!