Monday, September 3, 2012

WTF Day 3: Reflection (and Labor Day!)

Labor Day was pretty awesome up here!  I originally was supposed to work, but begged my shift to someone else so I could have the morning to grade my first round of papers.  It was great- lots of coffee, kittens running around me, and the happiness that I'm finally doing what I want to do!

This afternoon, I took a break for a couple of hours to do some climbing at Ely's Peak with Scott and Val.  
It was a slow afternoon, with the heat up near 90 and the humidity causing all of us to climb like sloths and looking to nap between each climb.  Even now I'm feeling the effects, finishing grading at about half the speed as normal.
Today's "what the focus" was "reflection", which I was hoping to get more than just a reflection of myself in a mirror or window.  I really wanted something that was perhaps a reflection of me, or part of me, but instead...
I could blame it on my camera batteries giving out while we were climbing, or the slow way this day has been going, but in the end this was the best "reflection" picture that I got.
This is a learning process... right?
Tonight: salad for dinner with some of our delicious garden goods, and knitting with Gilmore Girls on in the background.  A great way to say "goodbye" to summer and "hello" to fall!
I think I may pick up a pumpkin drink on the way to teach tomorrow... :)

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Mark said...

Light is everything in photos. Not sure how to do it for reflection photos, but solve the light equation and you'll have great photos.