Monday, November 15, 2010

Knitting In Action: Devil's Tower

Since I knit a lot for fellow climbers, I attempt always try to sneak in a comment when they received their knitted goods that I would love a picture of them using/wearing the object that I've made them. Preferably while they're climbing some crazy sick route. I never have very many hopes, since that means not only do they have to get a photo taken of them while climbing where the knitted item is clearly visible, but that picture has to make it back to me somehow.
I've started to get better and better results with these requests, and the latest in what I like to call the "Knitting In Action" pictures come from Devil's Tower in Wyoming.
I made a chalk bag for Tyler a long while back, and he brought it with on a short trip out to the Tower a couple of weeks ago. He promised I would get some pictures, and low and behold they finally made it into my hands!
This is a lovely picture of what is being called the "Chalk Trough" as Tyler gets ready for a route called "Assembly Line". The chalk trough is rather large and bulky, and really best for easier routes.
I have to admit, I was pretty psyched to see pictures of my knitting a few hundred feet in the air. Who wouldn't be? :)

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