Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I had a smashing Halloween, filled with friends, happiness, and good times.
My costume came together right at the end with a lucky find at a store- after years of looking, I found a hat worthy to complete a Carmen Sandiego costume.
This costume was a ton of fun to be, although some of my younger friends didn't exactly get the reference. I ran into a few other characters in my Halloween wanderings:
One of my favorites was White Goodman, the owner of Globo Gym from the movie Dodgeball. My buddy Curt found some hockey pads for a 3-year old, cut the back open so he could fit his head through, and put the Globo Gym emblam all over it.
Another was my buddy Mat- it took awhile to figure out what he was:
Any guesses?
He was the Bermuda Triangle- note the little toy planes and boats stuck inside of him. :)
I'm completely back logged right now with grading, papers, homework, and other things, which is why I've had trouble keeping up with things. Knitting for Christmas is going very slow. The elephant I'm making for my cousin's soon-to-be baby has a head and the beginnings of a body, but hasn't progressed much since that. Hopefully the next two weeks I can catch up and start to figure things out.
Besides that, I hope everyone had a great Halloween and sweet beginning to November so far... :)

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Brandon said...

Dude, awesome Carmen Sandiego costume!