Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ribbing and some Trophy Hardware

I'm writing to you after (finally) recovering from lots and lots of dance craziness over the last couple of weekends.  We had our second competition this past weekend, and the amazing dancers at my studio- for lack of a nicer way to say it- crushed it! 

We had a lot of high scores, tons of high overall scores for placements, and my musical theater duet won so many awards and special judges awards and medals that they couldn't hold everything by themselves!

I am incredibly happy with how it all went (there was a lot of screaming, lunges, jazz hands, and me yelling "YEEEEEEEAH!!!" from the sidelines), and I couldn't have been prouder than all of my amazing ladies!  There was definitely huge happy hugs and giant grins for the rest of the night and quite a few days afterward.
We now have a month to prepare for our next competition, and I'm a little happy for a break from the craziness.  I can spend more time breaking down technique, moving sequences around, changing and tweaking choreography (you can bet the girls love that... uffda...), and refining arms before we get up on stage and do it all again.  It's the crazy time of year for being a competition dance teacher (coach?), but I absolutely love it and wouldn't have it any other way!
Despite the craziness of the last week or so, I finished the ribbing section of the Ivy League Vest!

I'm really excited to get on to actual colorwork, since that will be much easier than trying to do a purl in different colors every 4th stitch.  I'd like to send a shoutout to season 2 of Gilmore Girls, which saw me through this particularly finicky portion of the knit.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the first 3 sections of color finished by the time the weekend is over.  I have high aspirations and a month and a half to finish this knit "on time".
In between grading.  And dancing.  And training for outdoor climbing (the chubbs is still prominent..).  And all the gift knits that I've begun to queue that seem reasonable (right now) to finish before June's dance recital.
It'll be fiiiiiiiine... :)

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