Sunday, March 8, 2015

FO: Hipster Beanie

I've been down and out with a nasty headcold, fevers, and coughing gross stuff the last few days.  I've felt just bad enough that I've been staying on the couch, but not bad enough that I sleep the entire time I'm there.
Only bonus to being sick?
Knitting time to finish up the Hipster Beanie for Jamie!

Pattern: Raituli by Marja Suomela (link to Ravelry page)
Yarn: Two skeins of Brown Sheep's Wildfoote Luxery Sock Yarn- one skein in Goldenrod, one in Gunsmoke
Needles: I used metal Susan Bates circulars for the majority of the hat, then switched to bamboo DPN's to close the top.  Size 1 for the brim, size 3 for the rest of the hat.
Timeframe: Jan 31-March 6.  Could have been less if I didn't have like 7 things I'm working on right now... oops...

Mods: I think I made the brim a little shorter than what the pattern calls for, though it could be that I just made the brim shorter than the last time I knit this hat.
Worst Part: Maybe it's because I don't like how the mustard looks against my blond hair, but I'm not a huge fan of the colors.  When I got a few rows into the colorwork, I almost ripped the entire thing back and had the gray as my base color instead of the mustard.  I'm almost thinking that I should have gone with white instead of gray when I stuck with mustard as the base.  The recipient has brown hair, so I think it'll be okay on her.  I'm still debating putting a pom pom on.
Best Part: Blurgh- probably finishing it.  I started to feel the monotony of this project about two stripes in, which is never good when you're using size 3 needles.  Happy this project is done with!

In other news, I felt well enough yesterday to go hang out at the Mustache March Run, put on by my buddy Kraig from Momentum Racing!

Only in Duluth, MN do we have a fun run during one of the grossest parts of the year.  We got lucky this year with a gorgeous 34 degrees and no wind off the lake, which definitely beats out the -20 windchill we had last year!

I didn't sign up in time to do the run (and I'm glad I didn't, since I was still a bit sick), but I held the clock at the finish lines and yelled myself pretty hoarse cheering on those finishing the run.  I even wore the mustache-beard combo that I knit for the very first Mustache March Run (and won first place in the "Imposter Mustache" contest!).  It was a great time, made better by my friend Alex accompanying me!

After the race, we hung out at my place with some soup and a movie, as being in the cold for an hour didn't really help with the recovering-from-being-sick thing.  I have the house to myself this weekend, with Kim up in Tofte and Scott down at a nerdy computer security conference in South Dakota.

It was nice to have the weekend to drink tea, knit, hang out with the cats, get some work done, and recover.  I didn't feel guilty for spending a good chunk of yesterday before the race on the couch, listening to the musical score the The Imitation Game while I graded papers and knit.
It's a good thing I'm feeling better, because today I'm off to dance from 1:30-8:30.  I'll be bringing tea, soup, and a smile to see all my ladies rock out at one of our last practices before our first competition next weekend!  Time to buckle down and get some awesomeness done. :)

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