Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let the Ivy League Challenge Begin!

After a crazy weekend, I was excited for Spring Break for my college to start and my days to free up to get a lot of extra work done.  Then, early in the week, this came in the mail:

Considering that the pattern calls for 6 skeins in different colors, I may have gone a tad crazy.
Luckily, gorgeous fingering weight is useful at all times, and I was able to decide on the six colors I'm using for my Ivy League Vest!

After lots of rooting around on Ravelry, I decided on a mix of coffee colors and some purple.  I've been in a purple kick lately, and who wouldn't want to have all the various colors of delicious lattes mixed in?
Plus, when I inevitably spill coffee on myself, it'll blend in a little more.

I was so excited, I cast on right away.  The ribbing is a little fickle with the purl in the contrasting color and changing color every few rows (weaving in the ends on this thing is going to be a nightmare), but it looks really nice so far.

I'm hoping to finish the fickle ribbing before the week is out, since I know I'll be able to cruise a little more once I get into the fair isle.
One of my other spring break projects is prepping my bike for commuting to the studio!

I even got a fancy pannier to hang on the rack, since I don't like wearing a backpack when I'm biking uphill and getting gross.  This will help carry both groceries and dance supplies!
Now that winter is over (and I'm 2 months away from visiting my family in Florida), I need to get back in shape.  While I'm in okay climbing shape, I definitely have a little layer of winter chubbs that I need to get rid of.  I'm hoping that commuting 3-4 days a week to the dance studio will help with that.

Oh, and also eating a little better.  Apparently downing an entire bag of white cheddar popcorn in one sitting isn't the best idea ever (even more so if one can do it 3 nights a week- I mean, what?).  More veggies for this lady. :)
Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be displaying some pretty (finished!) ribbing!  Happy Spring Break, everyone! :)


nancy88 said...

ohhhhhh that yarn! It must have been like Christmas showed up on your doorstep! I adore the colors you chose. It will be a gorgeous FO for sure!

Anne S. said...

That pasta looks delicious. I'm a little mad you mentioned groceries, because I've been avoiding going to the grocery store by reading blogs... guess that's a sign I'd better get to it ;) Love the colors you picked!