Sunday, April 6, 2014


On Thursday afternoon, I got back to my office after my last class of the day, took a giant breath in, and collapsed in my chair.  I may have sat there for at least a few minutes, doing some yoga breathing, rolling my neck around, rolling my shoulders, and letting the stress of the week collapse into my exhales.
It's been a long week.

This is a picture of my dinner Wednesday night before subbing some young kids for dance class.  This is what the entire week felt like- eating on the go, rush rush rush from one thing to the next, and grading.  Always more grading.
Thursday I (finally) handed back the last of the 2nd batch of papers to my students, and a tremendous weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  Yes, I still have a giant folder of latework to grade.  Yes, I have to grade and comment on 75 outlines this weekend.  But the papers are done.
I rewarded myself Thursday night with a visit to my friend Alex's house, where I met her new puppy and we watched Frozen.  I finished the first legwarmer of the Bitty Ballerina Gift Set and cast on for the second.

It's so close to being done, and I can ship it off to my friend soon!
After the movie, I drove home in yet another snowstorm that closed down schools and yoga class for me on Friday.  I'm really hoping it's the last snowstorm.  Don't get me wrong, I love winter, but this year I'm ready to be done.
Scott and I took a mini-vacation up the shore this weekend to Tofte to visit his Mom, and I think it was really good for both of us to have a nice break before the semester goes into overdrive.  We had some good food, good company, good coffee, and an amazing day out cross country skiing.

The trails in Superior National Forest were groomed and completely empty, so Scott's Mom, Scott and I were able to enjoy a gorgeous day outside.  My cheeks even got a little bit of color in them!

(I don't want to hear any snarky comments on how pale I am- believe me, I know...)
It was so warm out that we quickly shed layers to stay cool.  It wasn't a long ski- only about 6km- but it was a fantastic chance for us to get outside and breathe some fresh air before hunkering down today for homework (Scott) and grading (me).  It also made me realize how much I really love cross-country skiing!  I used to do it with my parents out on Lake Minnetonka, but I haven't done it a ton up here despite the abundance of trails, and I think I found a new cardio winter sport!  Now just to find some equipment for cheap before next year...
Today is lots of grading, some dance, some grocery shopping, some cooking and baking, and (hopefully) some knitting tonight to watch Cosmos, which is quickly becoming the only show that Scott and I watch together.
An hour of science with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, plus knitting?
Yes, please. :)


Mark said...

Great cross country skiing shots. We had 3 pair left last I looked (you outgrew yours & we donated them). Great sport. Have you used your snowshoes this winter? :-)

Mark said...

what is this extra comment box?

Katie said...

I've actually used my snowshoes! I'll have to double check if any of the xcountry skis we have fit me- I had outgrown mine, and I remember checking because Mom's are too small for me and Kyle's and yours are too big. It's like the three bears- I have to find a pair that are just right... :)