Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekends are for GETTING CRAP DONE

This week's stats:
Hours spent at LSC: 49-50 (plus I definitely wore heels two of those days, so I feel like I should add more hours on just for that)
Papers graded: 126
Hours at the dance studio (and time spent choreographing at home): 12
Hours at the climbing gym: 2 (I think)
Armadillos I have successfully ignored for most of the week: 1
I'm incredibly glad that I have tomorrow off of school to get caught up on about thirty-five more things before the week starts.  Remember when I said November gets crazy?  Well, it's that time.  Once I get a batch of Narratives graded for one of my classes, I have no papers to grade until all of my sections turn in their next set of papers next week.  This is perfect, because there's a lot of Armadillo to knit before I head to the cities next weekend.
The tail, thank goodness, is finished!

A night with a friend last weekend allowed me to catch up on my Pixar flicks (Monsters University- AWESOME) and get one more part of Milo checked off.

Today I started working on the shell, since I want to have that embroidered and sewn on as soon as possible.  I'm picking the arms and the legs up straight from the body, so knowing where the shell will be is more than just a little important. :)
I have a few hours of dance this evening, then hopefully I'll be able to come home and throw in a movie while I finish up the knitting portion of the shell.  Tomorrow will be the embroidery and probably a limb.  I'm on a serious time crunch now- I'm heading down to the cities on Friday afternoon, which means I have 5 days to finish this thing, counting today.
Not that I'm worried.
Or anything.
You know that I'm not worried because on Friday night I even knit more on the Tofte mittens.

(Which may have been a mistake.)
But it's 5 whole days!
I'll be fine. :)

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