Sunday, November 24, 2013

Broken Internet

I came back from my weekend away on Sunday night to a quiet house, since Scott was in the Twin Cities until Tuesday night.  Monday I woke up and attempted to check my school email during breakfast, and noticed the internet was having issues.  As in it didn't want to connect.
Since Scott makes our internet all sorts of complicated, I didn't touch anything, and simply told him on Tuesday night when he was back that it hadn't been working.  He spent the rest of the night Tuesday trying to troubleshoot all the layers of security and whatnot that he has for our internet. 
By Wednesday, he figured out that our modem blew, and ordered a new modem.  It won't get here until (hopefully) tomorrow, so I've been without internet at home for almost a week now.  It's been surprisingly not a big deal, as my job has internet.  The only downfall is that it slows my ability to do fun things like watch Netflix or update my blog.  
Surprise surprise. :)
It has allowed me to focus a little on the important stuff, like grading.
I collected about 125 papers last week from all of my classes.  This was the one week that all five of my classes handed in papers at the same time, and I didn't realize it back in August when I was originally planning out the schedules for all my classes.  Horrendous idea.  I have to make sure to never do this again.
It has helped out that I'm not the only stressed individual in the English department.  One of my colleagues and I had a long discussion about how we snack non-stop all day when we grade, and she shared a favorite cereal name with me.  I came in to work the next day, and found this on my desk:
I love where I work. :)
Despite the craziness at work (and in the dance studio), I've found time to work more on the Tofte Mittens!
They're coming along quite nicely, and hopefully I can finish the outside of both mittens by the end of the week.  With Thanksgiving break looming, I'm pretty optimistic. All that they'll need then is the fuzzy alpaca interior, which should knit up nice and fast without the colorwork.
Perhaps I can start my own pair of mittens then...
especially since I finally got the yarn in the colors that I want. :)  Oh, and especially since we've already had a handful of nights in the single digits up here.  Mittens would be nice...
More grading until I head down to the cities on Wednesday.  Hopefully I'll have at least a little relaxing time over this Thanksgiving break.  I need to take a leaf out of Maeby's book and follow her lead...
because if anyone knows how to relax and take it easy, it's my lazy kitten. :)

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