Monday, November 11, 2013

Shell? CHECK.

I was a little nervous last night about how much I still had to go on the armadillo.  I wasn't sure how long the shell would take, or the embroidery, or getting it sewed on Milo correctly, so I was a little nervous about the outcome and the time crunch.
Having no school today meant I could tackle the shell during the day between chores, hopefully leaving time for me to start a limb this evening after dance if everything went well.
After breakfast, I had the shell done.

Between vacuuming and my second load of laundry, I did the embroidery.

After making a grocery list, I had time to sew the shell on to Milo, no problem.

It's a little lopsided on his body, but his body is mildly lopsided, so I think it's okay.  I stuffed underneath the shell as well, so Milo now has a much fuller body.  And- I wasn't going to mention this worry earlier- he looks more like an armadillo now.
Only 4 limbs to go and eyes to sew on.  4 more evenings.
No problem. :)

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