Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh, Crap

So the last two evenings were supposed to be filled with limbs for armadillos, and I was supposed to be dancing around the living room with my glass of wine held high in victory tonight, singing happy songs of being done with presents early and my moments between teaching dance tomorrow night filled with simply grading things and packing for a weekend in the Twin Cities with friends.

Instead, other things happened.
Like Scott's Mom took Scott and I out to dinner last night, which lasted until ten.
Like Scott's brother and his girlfriend Kim were in town tonight, so we went out for dinner with them.
Like I had to research health insurance so I could apply for it this week through my work.
Like I had a Skype chat with a friend three states away about her assignment progression for her freshman writing class that I might integrate in to my classes next semester.
Like a million other little things that I didn't think about, and they just got in the way.

So now it's 10 pm on Wednesday night, and I have class tomorrow until 3:30, I'm subbing at dance at the studio from 4:30-5:30, I have to choreograph a bit for my duet, pack, grade, and back to the studio to teach said choreography to my duet ladies from 8:30-9.
Somewhere in there I have to finish both arms and both legs of the armadillo.

Tomorrow night might be a late one.
Ooooh boy...

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