Friday, September 13, 2013


I looked up from my grading today and realized... holy crap!  It's Friday!  How did that happen?
Oh yeah... I've been spending almost all my time in three places.  Most of the time is here:

planning planning planning for the weeks to come, trying to make my lesson plans better, organizing handouts, grading worksheets, and getting as far ahead as possible before the papers begin rolling in.  I spent last weekend with these two awesome people:

climbing up the shore at Shovel Point.  It was Jake's first time outside ever.  I love bringing people outside climbing for the first time- their face as they're lowered over the side is fantastically petrified, but then the smiles as they work hard to reach the top... it's so cool to see that excitement!

I got in a few climbs as well, enjoying the breeze coming up the rock and watching the storms roll in over the lake.  It definitely sustained me over the week.
Besides grading, my evenings have been filled with my first week of dance class and climbing training at the gym.  I'm very excited tonight to chill out, eat some Thai food, watch a movie, and finish the thumbs of these:

I have all weekend to do more climbing, grade more worksheets, choreographing some dances, and drinking lots of pumpkin chai lattes. Today is for me to relax, knit, and enjoy the cool breeze that signals the beginning of fall... :)

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