Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of a Chapter

Friday was a really big day for me.  I went in for some evening climbing, but I had a little business to finish up at the climbing gym.  This included signing some papers, doing some last bits of filing, and turning in my keys to a place I had worked for over 5 years.  As of Friday evening, I'm officially no longer a climbing guide, shift manager and instructor.  And boy does it feel good. :)
I now officially only work at two places- my college and my dance studio.  Both those jobs (minus during competition season) are during the week, meaning that (at least I feel like) I've made the transfer over to having career-type, adult jobs.  Crazy!
It's a good thing, for sure.  I definitely spent a large chunk of this weekend grading papers.  I made sure to have coffee with a friend that came in town yesterday (which was fun despite the rain!),

and I did a little choreographing and chores today.  Mostly, though, I worked on making a dent in the ~75 papers towering on my desk.  As you can see, Maeby did her best to be helpful.

It's pretty slow work- I'm marking up my students' first papers quite a lot, so they feel like they have something to work on for the semester.
I've also been slogging away at the Cafe Du Monde cowl.

You can't tell, but it's at least a couple of inches longer than the last time I put up a picture. :)  I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to keep it.  There's someone I know that would enjoy the colors and the pattern a lot, so it's going to end up under a Christmas tree for sure come December.
And I have a rapidly-approaching deadline for a little baby boy's shower in November...

even though the pattern and I have having a few ::ahem:: disagreements.  AKA I think the way the pattern is written is more than a little stupid, and requires a lot of extra busywork, so I might be making a few modifications.  But more on that later.
For now, it's grading, grading, grading, a little bit of dancing this evening at the studio, then my workout, and knitting before bed.
I have to admit, being an adult and having these weekends- even though mine are pretty full of work stuff anyhow- is pretty nice. :)

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Mark said...

We are very proud parents that are not at all surprised that you are gainfully employed in a 'normal' career in both your Master's major & your minor, & technically you're using your other degree 'on stage' while teaching. Lack of surprise is not about achieving 'normality' (that is a surprise :-), but rather that you've found a way to do all 3 in your careers (that's no surprise).