Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I realize I've been silent on here for way too long.  The blame is on two things- first, my Mom came up and visited me last weekend!

We went down to check out Oktoberfest, put on by Tycoon's here in Duluth.  I got to try Reuben Won-tons, which was interesting, and Bier Cheese Soup, which was delicious.

We also went to Fall Fest up in Chester Bowl, and found some cute little knick-knacks made by locals (I had to personally restrain myself from buying a few pounds of coffee from Duluth Coffee Company... actually, my lack of cash restrained me).  We ended the evening in Canal Park, where my mom did her best to try out my camera...

a few times...

to get a picture of me with the ore boat...

Ah well, we can't win all of them. :)
After that lovely weekend, I got these:

My first batch of papers!  Huzzah huzzah!  I'm hoping to get these back to my students by next week, so today through Monday is going to be lots of reading, marking, and grading.
Due to the increase in visitors and the bash of grading, my knitting has suffered.  As in, it became non-existent for the last week or so.  Hopefully I can rectify that tonight.  I made a deal with myself- school this morning (with grading), I get a half hour or so when I get home to put up some fall decorations and put a soup to simmer for dinner, then 3 hours of grading before climbing with a friend at 4.  If I can stay focused and get a lot of grading done, I'll let myself watch New Girl tonight and work some more on either Scott's sweater or the Armadillo for Sarah's baby shower.
Then tomorrow I will (hopefully) show all of you lovely people here some progress.
Hopefully. :)

PS- Climbing workout coming soon as well.  Promise. ;)

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Mark said...

Love that Oktoberfest photo :-) So you've added ooom-pah-pah to your musical talents, or just your latest dancing favorite (doing some polkas)?